Mesa Arch

Windows of Heaven

The Mesa Arch is located in the Canyonlands National Park. The closest town is Moab, Utah. Follow Google map 

Below is a full view nearly fish eyes view of the arch, right at the edge of the mesa, next to a drop of almost a thousand feet straight down, it frames a vast expense of canyons.

The Mesa Arch is a very popular destination for tourists and photographers. I have seen that morning 50 tourists and photographers at the arch at sunrise. The arch is only about 25ft. across and there are only about few premium spots. Even I was there 3 hours before sunrise, a group of more than 15 photographers had been there with tripods.  Don’t be too worry, the red glow under the arch lasts for about an hour after sunrise, believe me, after sunrise about 30 minutes,  you can still get a great shot. I shot this one alone after all people left, 7 shots merged with tripod on the very edge of the cliff. 

Below is a shot of a view of most people been there, only the arch.

But if you use normal lens, some interested angle view could be seen.

Mesa Arch

Or a long telephoto len as 200mm, you can take a photo below.

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