Moving Rocks

The Mysterious Moving Rocks at the famous Racetrack of Death Valley in California are reputed to move. Although no one has ever witnessed the event, the tracks leave room for no other plausible explanation. It is hypothesized that when the surface of the playa is wet or frosted, strong winds cause the rocks to slide and leave their trails behind them on the mud as they make their way. There are many rocks that appear to break off from cliffs at the south end of the playa, some weighing as much as 3/4 ton, and move as much as two miles. Trails created by the rocks vary in length and direction, most trails are parallel to others, some show gradual curving or sharp turns or even make complete loops.

These two particular rocks had moved from a far distance and traveled close together, the small one possibly had made a “U turn” twice (by looking at its trail), waiting for the large one, and lovely merged just behind. These two rocks and trails forming a “V” shape like a necklace over a mountain in the background.

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